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The question is: is this going to be Capaldi’s new catchphrase

Okay everyone sit down I’m gonna write a thing on your gifset sorry.

This is something my uncle and I touched on.

My g’father is an engineer and if you ask him any sort of technical question — like ask him ‘How does this work?’ — he goes ‘That’s not the question you should be asking. The question you should be asking is …’ Like without fail. He will almost never answer the question you asked directly. He will make you ask him different questions until you arrive at the point you need to be at.

A LOT of the mannerisms 12 has dished out so far are in line with sort of the stereotypical engineer mentality (I say this having been raised by one and also knowing that, despite being a creative, I have the ‘engineer gene’). This, the sense of his intelligence exceeding his headspace (the chalk scene), the way his version of caring comes across as being somehow simultaneously callous and clueless (‘I don’t want you to change’) … These are all already Doctor-y things, but the way they’re executed is so familiar to me because I grew up with this.

12’s a frickin’ engineer. You’ve all been warned.


Once I was sitting at a convention table promoting That Which Wills, the first story of which being outright gay erotica. Sometimes when guys pick it up they either put it down straightaway like their hands have been burned, or act like they’re holding a baby upside down. Then up comes the…











I really need to read/watch the Discworld stuff.

Discworld is a lot more important than people give it credit.

Everyone needs more Discworld in their lives. It’s brilliant satire that isn’t condescending, and it’s entertaining. At the same time! I really can’t express how much I love Discworld.


Preview of my Fifth Element Book Illustrations.

Did my second pic  from a pencil sketch I did real quick but it turned out nicely in the end. I wanted to make a Rudy pic too but no time really, maybe later =)

Now working on demon-ey things and having a blast =)